4K Studio & Conference Hall Lighting


When broadcast productions updated from HD to 4K, the studio lightings need higher performance in intensity, color accuracy, and dimmer curve.

4K productions accompanied with HDR, to present more image details in highlight areas, and when shooting with the same aperture value, 4K cameras need more environment lights than HD cameras. That’s why 4K studios need brighter light fixtures comparing to HD studios.

SWIT PL-S150D 150W panel light and S-2330 300W Fresnel light are recommended to build the professional 4K broadcast studios.

PL-S150D, 150W power 2:1 size panel LED, 5500K @ 1m extremely high intensity, no fan, no noise, non-liner index dimming curve to produce smooth light output when dimming from low intensity, besides high score CRI and TLCI, the SSI (Academy Spectral Similarity Index), a comprehensive evaluation of 4K studio light, scores 73 at D55.

S-2330, 20°-70° spot/flood adjusted high bright COB LED, 53500Lux high bright at 20° spot, produces high intensity as key light and backlight.

Besides broadcast studio, the high intensity PL-S150D and S-2330 fit for most of big conference hall as well, to produce equally spread soft light, and strong hard light to rostrum from over 6m/20ft ceiling.

Application cases:

Product Details:

  • PL-S150D

    150W Bi-color Studio SMD LED Light

    5500Lux @ 1m high intensity, Smooth index dimming curver, CRI 97, TLCI 99

  • S-2330

    300W Bi-color Studio LED Spot Light

    20-70° angle, 3000K-8000K adjust, CRI 95, TLCI 95


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