Influencer Live Streaming Lightings


On-line courses, video conference are getting popular, and Live-stream shopping became the big thing to enter the world of e-commerce. The lightings in live stream room are the key points to enhance the quality of video image.

It’s not necessary to set up lightings like broadcast studios. A Key Light as the primary light source and A Fill Light as the additional light source to reduce contrast. Various soft boxes are ideal for filling light because they do not cast sharp shadows. A hard back light may be considered if the live stream room has enough space, to apart subject from the background.

SWIT BL series live stream lights adopt standard Bowens mount, provide with various Bowens accessories to diffuse or focus the lights for different subjects.

The optional Bowens accessories includes:

Application cases:

Product Details:

  • BL-150E

    150W Bowens Mount COB LED Light

    27290Lux @ 1m, DMX in&out, CRI 97, TLCI 98

  • BL-200

    200W Bowens Mount COB LED Light

    38000Lux @ 1m, DMX in&out, CRI 97, TLCI 98

  • BL-300

    300W Bowens Mount COB LED Light

    54000Lux @ 1m, DMX in&out, CRI 97, TLCI 98


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