HD Broadcast Studio Lighting


The broadcast video studios need soft panel light for eliminating harsh shadows and diminishing light; and need strong spot light to convert a small amount of light into a bright, focused light with readily controlled direction and intensity.

SWIT CL-120D 120W panel light and S-2320 160W Fresnel light are recommended to build the typical HD broadcast studio.

CL-120D, 120W power, 3700K @ 1m high intensity, and with 600x310mm large lighting area, produces extremely soft light, equally spread to background and subjects;

S-2320, 20°-70° spot/flood adjusted high bright COB LED, 45000Lux high bright at 20° spot, produces high intensity key light and backlight.

Application Cases:

Product Details:

  • CL-120D

    120W 2:1 Bi-color SMD LED Light

    3700Lux @ 1m, CRI 98, TLCI 99, 2700-6500K, DMX

  • S-2320

    160W Bi-color Studio LED Spot Light

    20-70° angle adjust, 3000K-8000K, High CRI 95 TLCI 95


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