FLOW 2km / 3km Long Distance Wireless



The SWIT "FLOW" series wireless video transmitters have been in the market since 2019, and got great reputations for the tiny size but stable connection. The first 2 models are 500ft and 2000ft versions, for wireless follow focus and director's monitoring.

While the FLOW series have far more energy: we are going to release another 2 models: FLOW6500 - 6500ft/2km, and FLOW10K - 10000ft/3km! The long distance wireless transmission will not only meet the large scale event production, but also ensure a more stable connection at any bad wireless environments.


The FLOW6500 and FLOW10K adopt high gain panel antenna with built-in receiver, and the transmitters are the same tiny size as the FLOW500 and FLOW2000. The transmitter has 3G/HD-SDI in / loop out and HDMI in. The panel receivers are desgined to install on light stand, with YOKE bracket, provide 1x 3G/HD-SDI output.


The built-in wireless receiver makes the installation quite easy, without complex antennas connection and will be more stable and better signal level. The panel receiver provides a V-mount battery plate on the backside, and a 6-17V DC-IN connector, and an OLED screen to display video format, wireless channel and signal strength.


The long distance wireless support 1 transmitter to multi-receivers, and can work together with FLOW500 or FLOW2000.

Use FLOW6500 Tx, you can receive in 500ft with FLOW500 Rx, and in 2000ft with FLOW2000 Rx, and in 6500ft with FLOW6500 Rx;

Use FLOW10K Tx, you can receive in 500ft with FLOW500 Rx, and in 2000ft with FLOW2000 Rx, and in 6500ft with FLOW6500 Rx, and in 10000ft with FLOW10K Rx.


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