VANGO series ultra slim RGBW Lights on Filmset



RGB color lights are widely used on filmsets, to produce creative environments. SWIT VANGO series RGBW lights are the special ones.


The SWIT VANGO lights has only 21mm thickness, slim and portable for film crew, but VANGO lights output extreme high intensity color lights, by SWIT unique Time Division Drive Tech.


The 70W VANGO-70 equals to a regular 200W RGB color light intensity, and the 100W VANGO-100/100L equals to a regular 300W RGB color light intensity.


VANGO lights has on-board 3.5-inch color LCD, for visualized color selection. Power by SWIT Pocket V-mount 140Wh MINO-S140 battery. 


The main camera is ARRI Alexa MINI LF, powered by SWIT PB-S98S V-mount battery.


SWIT Flexible light set up, 100W, light weight, with eggcrate soft box, ideal over head light source application.


(Directed by Eric Goron, Artist: Nicolas Pesty, Photo: Ewa Gros)

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