SWIT Batteries on a music video shoot by Visual Sequence



SWIT MINO-S140 Pocket V-mount battery of 140Wh capacity, power on RED KOMODO camera.


The MINO-S140 battery provides 1x D-tap, 1x USB-A and 1x USB-C of 65W high power output, so that you can charge your laptops on the filmset.


Tiny size but large capacity, the MINO-S140 is perfect for compact cine cameras, like RED KOMODO, RED V-RATPOR, KINEFINITY MAVO, TERRA, etc.


The SWIT PB-S98S V-mount battery on wireless focus puller monitor, 98Wh with 2x D-tap and 1x USB-A sockets, display remaining time at any devices.


The SWIT PB-S220S V-mount battery on ALEXA MINI LF, 220Wh large capacity with 4x D-tap and 1x USB, to power more camera-top devices simultaneously.

(Directed by Eric Goron, Artist: Nicolas Pesty, Photo: Ewa Gros)

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