SWIT Batteries: The Trusted Choice for Wildlife Cinematography



Monkey troops leaping among the treetops, lizards swiftly darting across scorching desert sands, majestic polar bears gracefully striding across vast icy plains, enormous whales gracefully gliding through frigid ocean waters. These breathtaking scenes are made possible by the dedicated work of professional wildlife cinematographers. Compared with the traditional shooting environment of movies and TV series, wildlife cinematographers face a multitude of challenges in their line of work, including unpredictable weather, extreme temperatures, and complex situations.



James Ewen, renowned for his work on documentaries such as Oslo’s Wild Heart (2017) and Destination Wild: Wild Arctic (2019), understands these challenges all too well. Following the completion of work on the documentary ‘A Year on Planet Earth’ we had the opportunity to connect with him.



For years, Ewen has relied on trusted SWIT batteries to power his shoots. As he frequently travels, he opts for portable battery models that can be carried on board, such as the PB-S98S and the travel-friendly separable battery, S-8192S. Whether it's freezing Arctic landscapes or humid rainforests, Ewen needs a reliable power solution to accompany him on his wildlife adventures.




On this occasion, SWIT provided Ewen with the new MINO and PB-M146S V-mount batteries for real-world testing on the snowy mountains of Norway, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability.
"It was minus 10 with high winds at some points, so probably more an effective minus 15 centigrade. I tested both batteries on alternate days, and they performed excellently."




The PB-M146S, the latest high-capacity version of the classic pocket battery series PB-M, proved to be a reliable partner for Ewen's rainforest shoots when paired with the KA-M20S dual battery plate.


Ewen appreciated MINO-S140’s USB-C charging feature, which holds significant value for remote shoots. "Batteries that can charge on high amperage (5A) make things run smoothly, and we can avoid the hassle of frequently running generators for charging," said Ewen. The ability to charge at high amperage ensures efficient operations in remote locations. 100W fast charging is also an interesting feature in SWIT's power solutions, Ewen emphasized its importance. He compared his past experiences with slow sequential chargers that failed to meet the demands of his shoots. In contrast, SWIT's fast simultaneous chargers became an indispensable tool. "When mains charging is necessary, a fast charger is essential. SWIT's fast simultaneous chargers should be a standard rather than an option," praised Ewen. Fast charging capabilities minimize downtime during shoots.


Size and weight are ongoing challenges in cinematography, especially with the increasing size of camera equipment. SWIT batteries' compact design addresses these challenges, ensuring easy installation and maneuverability. Although these batteries lack a screen, Ewen believes that digital displays are not necessary. He states, "A digital display can be useful, but I feel that LED capacity indicators are useful in the wild."

Ewen values the importance of reliable power solutions in his work and commends SWIT for meeting those requirements. As a wildlife cinematographer, he relies on SWIT batteries to consistently deliver stable performance, even in the harshest environments. SWIT Electronics' commitment to developing reliable power solutions has earned the trust of professionals like Ewen, making SWIT batteries the preferred choice for cinematographers working in demanding conditions.



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