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 SWIT Electronics Co., Ltd., the leader in batteries for the broadcast and film industries, specializes professional batteries for 28 years with its independent development and own factory, is proud to introduce its new mini V-mount batteries to benefit as many people as possible from its consistent unparalleled quality and higher performance, e.g. 150W high-load output and functionality in temperatures as low as -20 degrees throughout its lifecycle. Moreover, with its integrated information LED display and multi-function DC interface, this product provides almost everything you need for wide-range usage spanning from various mirrorless cameras, camcorders, accessories,to high power lights.


OMNI provides comprehensive DC interface

Comprehensive Interfaces

Compared to the previous generation Pocket V-mount batteries, OMNI offers more interfaces. Including a 65W USB-C, standard USB-A (5V), 8.4V DC, and 14.4V D-tap. These diverse interfaces allow users to power accessories such as monitors or follow focuses directly on the camera, or fix them onto camera cages using dummy batteries, effectively creating a small power station for your camera build.


Standard output protocol, powering mobile phones, computers, professional lighting, cameras and other equipment, plug and play
   The battery terminal, D-tap, and USB-C are two-way interfaces, and you can use a variety of methods to charge your battery.


Detailed information display

LED Segment Display:

The LED display to show capacity percentage, charge and discharge status, battery health status. Supports digital communication SONY® and RED® camera, providing precise remaining usage time inherited from batteries manufactured for use with the ARRI® B-mount system.

All information is displayed intuitively, ensuring users are always informed about the battery's status, even from a distance. The sunken design can effectively prevent the display from being damaged by falling or hitting objects.


SWIT insists on using high-performance batteries to ensure that each battery can continue to maintain high performance

True High Load:

The OMNI series batteries provide continuous output power of 100W and 150W for the 50Wh and 99Wh models respectively. This means throughout the entire discharge cycle, OMNI can provide nominal output power for your equipment. All SWIT batteries (ranging from 100W to 500W output) consistently deliver the high performance SWIT claims throughout their entire lifecycle.


Modular structural design provides high-strength protection and reduces the risk of failure


Designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C, the OMNI batteries ensure reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions, making them suitable for outdoor and indoor shooting environments.

Built-in Second-Level Protection:

Not only provides first-level recoverable comprehensive safety protection for temperature, voltage, current, etc.; OMNI BMS chip also has second-level non-recoverable protection, effectively avoiding safety hazards after the battery's first-level protection fails.


Smart Hibernate Mode:

It automatically enters ultra-low power consumption mode after being left idle for a long time. Press the button to return to normal mode, effectively preventing the battery from being used for a long time and causing the battery voltage to be too low due to self-consumption, thus affecting the battery life.


SWIT insists on producing high-performance film and television equipment, and its products are widely used by top movie rentals around the world

Made by SWIT

The OMNI battery comes from SWIT's unique fully automated production line, where each process strictly adheres to standards, setting industry benchmarks and ensuring quality assurance.  
As energy storage accessories, lithium batteries carry extremely high risks. With 28 years of battery manufacturing experience, SWIT achieves ultimate standards in material selection, production technology, and testing. Proven high-performance Sanyo® ternary lithium battery, solid fire-proof ABS materials, and robust structure design ensure users can confidently use OMNI even with the most expensive cameras.


Product Details

  • OMNI-50S

    50Wh USB-C Info Pocket V-mount Battery

    USB-C 65W, D-tap×1, Pole-tap 8.4V out, Remaining Runtime Display

  • OMNI-99S

    99Wh USB-C Info Pocket V-mount Battery

    USB-C 65W, D-tap×1, Pole-tap 8.4V out, Remaining Runtime Display, 120...


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