SWIT NAB2024 Show Recap



NAB Show 2024 came to a successful conclusion on last week. In order to participate in this exhibition, countless team members and partners worked day and night. Here we would like to thank the SWIT team and volunteers for their wonderful performance, thank the customers and visitors who visited the SWIT booth,  and thank the exhibition organizers and partners for their strong support.



OMNI V-mount Battery

The OMNI series mini V-mount battery is a new generation of mobile shooting solutions launched by SWIT. This product line has not only been redesigned but also incorporates the currently popular USB-C and digital display. The addition of the DC barrel power supply interface allows users to more conveniently use a dummy battery. Additionally, SWIT has, for the first time, integrated the battery health function of professional film batteries into the OMNI. With 28 years of professional manufacturing experience, OMNI brings to users the stable, durable, and long-lasting experience that SWIT batteries are known for.


CL-40D 40W Panel Light

The CL-40D is a high-quality 40W flat panel light introduced by SWIT. It features dual sets of high-quality 40W SMD-LEDs, along with an S-Polytech diffuser, and supports direct installation of V-mount batteries. Its compact and portable design makes it suitable for professional outdoor news interviews and film productions that demand high color rendering.


FM-215HDR Field Monitor

The FM-215HDR is a cutting-edge field production monitor. Its 21.5-inch display offering a 1920x1080 resolution. It stands out for its impressive 1000 nits brightness, a feature that enhances visibility in various lighting conditions. The Quantum Dot layer integrated into the display ensures a wide color gamut, delivering accurate and vivid colors that meet 100% DCI-P3 standards. For robustness and portability, the monitor ships with a protective flight case, complete with cheese boards for added security during transit. A unique feature is its 9x16 Vertical Mode, which allows for innovative monitoring of a cropped vertical image during horizontal shooting, ideal for content creators targeting multiple streaming platforms simultaneously. The monitor's 12G-SDI input and output capabilities with support for 12G and 3G standards make it a versatile choice for professional video production workflows.


CIMO - Cine Line Camera Battery

SWIT showcased the new V-Mount battery series CIMO for professional film users, including models with capacities of 98Wh, 160Wh, 200Wh, and 290Wh. This battery series features a side OLED display, USB-C input/output capabilities, and a 1.4-meter drop protection, catering to various needs.


Reliable Wireless DMX Solution - RadioLux

Radiolux has garnered significant attention at the exhibition. This low-latency and high-stability wireless DMX solution, developed by SWIT, is based on the 915MHz (863-928MHz) frequency. The solution includes a receiver, a transmitter, and a 48-channel DMX console that also functions as a transmitter. This wireless DMX system is suitable for lighting engineering projects and, when used in conjunction with SWIT's studio series of lights, it minimizes signal loss and provides an experience that rivals wired DMX systems.


PL-S300 Series Studio Panel Light

SWIT has unveiled the PL-S300 series of LED panel lights, setting a new industry standard for professional studio lighting. This series includes the PL-S300D soft light and the PL-S300H hard light, both equipped with a high-power 300W LED, offering seamless color temperature adjustment from 2700K to 6500K, as well as excellent color rendering performance. 

The PL-S300D, with a wide beam angle of 120° and a brightness of 10,000Lux, is suitable for scenes that require soft lighting; whereas the PL-S300H, with its professional focusing lens at 45° and a brightness of up to 47,000Lux, provides precise light control for occasions that demand concentrated illumination. Both models utilize advanced passive cooling technology, enabling fanless, silent operation, and are equipped with DMX control capabilities, allowing the PL-S300 series to flexibly meet a variety of complex lighting needs. Additionally, their high energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design philosophy provide an ideal lighting solution for modern studios that pursue sustainable development.



BM-U325MD 4K 1500nits 1,000,000:1 HDR Monitor

Regarding the  broadcast TV product line, the top-grade master monitor BM-U325MD’s beautiful display attracted the most attention at the booth. On the show, visitors surrounded this monitor.  This monitor adopts local dimming technology and AI algorithm to achieve a high  brightness of 1500nits and a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. It has 4 channels  12G-SDI In&Out, and can input 8K signals through SQD and 2-SI modes. In  addition to the Self-Calibration and Eye Pattern functions that all SWIT monitors have,  it also retains the SFP module interface, which provides the  possibility for later upgrades and expansions.







SWIT will continue to dedicate itself to providing exceptional solutions for industry, promoting continuous innovation and development in broadcast and cine solutions! 



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