SWIT FM-215HDR Firmware Update V21.6.38R Released



FM-215HDR provides professional production users with a robust, versatile, and reliable integrated solution. This update mainly optimizes LUTs upload, adds a de-squeeze function for anamorphic lenses, and many other optimizations.

When updating the FM-215HDR to the V21.6.38R firmware version:

1. Now support max 13 User Luts (*.cube) upload, support both 17x17x17 and 33x33x33 cubes
2. Add Anamorphic De-squeeze function (1.33x/1.5x/1.66x/1.8x/2x/1.33x mag/1.5x mag/1.66x mag/1.8x mag/2x mag)
3. Add Input Source selection in Fn keys
4. Add Input range 64-1023
5. Optimized the adjust precision of RGB GAIN/BIAS and CBS
6. Optimized the PBP H/V setting menu
7. Optimized the default display position of the overlay charts
8. Optimized the default transparent of Waveforms

Update Steps:

1. Copy the firmware file "FM-215HDR_v21.6.38R_20240624_1520.zip" to USB disk (FAT32 file format), root directory. DO NOT UNZIP and make sure there's no other histroy firmware zip in the root directory. 

2. Plug the USB disk into front USB port of the monitor.

3. Enter Menu - System - Update - YES, the monitor will update and follow the on-screen instruction to restart. DO NOT power off the monitor during updating.

4. After monitor restarted, plug off the USB disk

5. Enter Menu - Exit & Status, check firmware version should be v21.6.38R.



Download link:https://www.swit.cc/uploads/2024/06/271453477188.zip


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